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          Our iPhone cases designed protruding, with a line of highest quality thread stitched edge, not only is a key part for its beautiful look and assembly point, it also serves as an iPhone bumper case, made entirely of genuine leather.

          As for protecting the screen of the iPhone, our cases design also is a wraparound that gives enough hight to the screen edges to keep it away from the surface that it might drop onto, while not hindering total and comfortable usage of the entire screen. Putting the iPhone downwards on a surface on its screen will still keep the iPhones screen away from the surface put onto and therefore saving it from scratches.

          Although made of soft and natural material like leather, thank to its tenth of a millimeter calculated design, in case of a drop, our cases will hold your iPhone tight and safe in place.

          Our iPhone Wallet Case isn’t called wallet because it has wallet functionality. Adding such feature would bulk up the case which we wanted to avoid from the very beginning. We called it wallet because of its wallet style design. And this design has its cause, which is protecting your iPhone’s screen the best possible way while carrying it in a bag or a pocket.

          Simplicity of our cases is one of the most important characteristics, which can only be obtained by using whole part of materials, thus giving us the possibility to build it as thin as leather can possibly be crafted. This doesn’t only give our leather iPhone cases their beauty, it also adds the most value.

          As for all our cases design, we claim that there is no other iPhone case made of genuine leather that is softer, thinner and ultimate protective at the same time.